In 1995 sought out to create a better way to share family benefits of living in a Healthy Home. The team at Healthy Home Association worked hard to pass the word and found they had created "American's longest running home and Health TV show". It was working so well they were encouraged to pass the word to as many more as they could.

By 2004 they began using what became that allowed the invention of webChannel number technology faster navigational code method that uses a better way to search using channel numbers rather than just searching by keyword name.

Like the Dewey decimal system is for organizing the libraries, is like a mini TV Station that organizes the internet with channel number code.

Background Development

During the course of building the Onnowtv system, we discovered Domain titles were impractical for switching from one webpage to another. Even when viewers were given the name or search title to navigate to, many viewers did not try, because they couldn't spell the key search term or the URL was too long to remember (or too long to type correctly).

That's how webchannel Number technology was born - a patented navigation system that enables a web user to enter a simple (unique channel identifier) number into a search box or virtual remote TV control to switch webpages (webchannels) -like changing channels on a television. This navigation method doubles the speed which viewers can find or switch back and forth to webpages.

Even more amazing this patented system can be utilized to completely organize the (Internet of things). It simplifies and speeds the way users organize store, retrieve, send, use, combine, and associate with all of their digital files. By assigning unique channel identifier numbers, digital files become much easier to locate and use. They can still be found by title/keyword search, but searching by number, like a channel on a television is quicker.

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