OnNowTV® webChannel®

OnNowTV.com webChannel®s are the next generation of websites powered by the OnNowTV® video platform. The webChannels are primarily populated by video content, which has been proven to convert up to 4 times better than text content.

OnNowTV webChannels give any business or organization the ability to use video to communicate their story to the world in a simple and organized manner.

OnNowTV webChannels are assigned unique numbers (aka webChannel numbers), which are used to navigate to the respective webChannels. This way of navigating simplifies search while speeding up access to content at the same time. If you've ever used channel numbers on a television you know how fast and direct it is.


Simplify Navigation With Numbers

Traditionally, navigating the world wide web has been a frustrating experience because content online has no logical organization. Links to web pages are getting longer and longer, and because of this, your unique message may never be accessed by the people you want to reach. OnNowTV video platform addresses that by simply using unique numerical identifies that are easy to remember because they are shorter.

The OnNowTV platform also empowers you to better organize your content. Each piece of media content is assigned a media number. Using the power of numbers, you can organize content in the way that your audience will be able to easily find it. We have a media remote that you can enter a media number just as you would use your TV remote.


Grow Your Business

Growing a business is about engaging with customers and growing your customer base. With the OnNowTV platform, we have the most advanced video tool to engage with customers. Within OnNowTV, each channel, video or conversation uses a channel/video number.

When comparing the use of numbers to using word of mouth nothing compares. Now you can jump users from one video conversation to another conversation much faster by just giving them the channel/digital video number (i.e. watch 101, 145, 712 etc.).

Research has found that companies who excel at story telling generate 50% more sales-ready leads at a 33% lower cost. You sell more for less money.