Surviving in a digital Marketplace

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is becoming more difficult and more expensive to reach, retain and expand your business’s customer base. Over the last 10 years there has been a dramatic advertising shift from print to digital media. Sales are also shifting from walk-in traffic to digital traffic and if you don’t have a digital presence online, your bottom line is going to suffer.

Realizing that this digital shift and the importance of video presentation is not only the wave of the future, but it is here now and has the most cost effective and next generation of video patented technology available for you to take advantage of and participate in this new dynamic wave of video advertising. It is the objective OnNowTV® Broadcasting Association to bring this video revolution to as many businesses as possible at a cost that virtually any business can afford. We also provide the support services necessary to assist in maximizing your success. offers the following exclusive features not available anywhere else:

  • Your own exclusive Worldwide OnNowTV WebChannel® with our patented easy to use remote control.
  • Your own video library with easy to access search numbers, using our patented search system and accessible through the remote control.
  • Free webReporter® apps, both for i-Phone and Android devices, for easy uploading of your video content (product announcements, sales announcements, service announcements or instructional videos).
  • Your current web site is linked to your webChannel and viewable from your webChannel page.
  • You can stream live events and on-demand shows for your company, products and services (optional).
  • You can have webChannel Friends® to share and promote your webChannel to others.
  • We provide Plug-In options for the latest in business technology. and converting your website to an ON AIR promotional tool.
  • You have accessibility to our Authorized® Business Centers to aid in video production with videographers (optional) and editing services (optional) for a professional presentation.
  • Access to our® network at for more connect ability to viewers.
  • Your webChannel® features instant communications with your viewers with our exclusive “ask us” 2-Way button and our free webRepoter Apps.
  • You have complete control of your webChannel® with our easy to use control panel.
  • Your content and webChannel® are fully protected with our high-speed secure and reliable cloud infrastructure.
  • Cost effective - use as little or as much as your business requires, pricing is based on the number of features selected.
  • 60 day money back Satisfaction Guarantee.

Exclusive webChannel® Technology makes all the difference's patented webChannel® technology redefines how your clients will interact with the internet and your business. webChannel® technology lets your clients navigate your webChannel® with the same ease as watching a television set and changing channels. Our patented number technology frees the user (your client) from having to copy and paste lengthy URL address or search for relevant key words to locate a desired video or product information sheet. This is especially important when viewing on smart phone or tablet devices. With our patented webChannel® technology, it is as easy as just entering a video number. Fast, easy and a real time saver that ends the frustration of searching with smaller devices. Getting your webChannel® is as easy as clicking the button below.

Authorized Business Centers - Help is always available is currently establishing a nationwide network of Authorized Business Centers to assist webChannel® owners in setting up their channel. These authorized centers have the personnel to advise (for the do-it-yourself individuals) or install your webChannel® for you. If you would like the authorized center to maintain your webChannel® and/or provide video assistance or production, those services are also available. The Authorized Business Centers are dedicated to maximizing your webChannel® effectiveness in building your business.

Authorized Business Centers provide the following services:

  • Assist you with the installation of your webChannel®
  • Produce video content for presentation on your webChannel® (Optional)
  • Setup live streaming at a location to be broadcast through your webChannel® (Optional)
  • Provide technical support to make sure your webChannel® is always up and running
  • Provide videographers, scripting and editing services for custom productions (Optional)
  • Built custom web sites to integrate with your webChannel® (Optional)
  • Provide full service video placement/production and maintain the webChannel® with limited owner involvement (Optional)

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